My 5 ‘AHA’ moments of EDFD459

I have really enjoyed my time in this unit and found it to be the unit that I was most involved with. While I was worried about choosing an online unit – it turned out to exceed all of my expectations and I have convinced friends to do the unit next year!

Below are 5 of my highlights throughout the semester:

Trusting myself – I have found this course to be one of my favourite units that I have undertaken in my studies so far. Having never done an online unit I was nervous at how I would cope – and while there were moments of stress and A LOT of readings I am honestly so glad that I stuck with it and tested my own abilities.

Blogging – I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to blog my own ideas and thoughts regarding readings. I hope to continue using my blog as I venture into my final year of study next year and see where it can take me.

Being involved in a COP – One of the best parts about this unit was the wide range of people involved and the unique ideas that they came with. I know that the way I have originally thought when approaching tasks was changed and improved when I read the comments of my peers.

Exploring the Liminal Space – I found this space to be unique and relevant in my own life. This unit brought to my attention things that I hadn’t ever thought about and I know that it has in some way altered the way I will look at my own learning in the future.

Future Learning Spaces: Looking at Za’atari – This was probably one of the biggest learning curves for me during this unit. I found researching this camp to be emotional and eye opening and I plan on taking a more involved position in the news of the world.

My list could definitely continue well past 5 but for me those above points were pivotal moments in my study this semester!


Art in Zaatari

I recently found a wonderful initiative from within the camp that focusses on art as a healing force for children in Zaatari. With all of the horrors that the thousands of young children would have witnessed or been through since they were displaced from their home, there is bound to be unknown feelings happening. Art is a wonderful way for children to escape and let out these emotions.

Below are some examples of the murals and art pieces that have been created. Click here to go directly to the article!

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Following this I found another creative initiative from Michael Brown. He taught a group of refugee teenagers how to take photos with a smartphone as a way to document their life within Zaatari camp through their own eyes. Some of the quotes from children reveal the hope that this gave them for their futures ..

“In the future, If I become a good photojournalist and if I become famous, I’ll get the chance to leave this place to take pictures” Khaled

“Photography gives me a space to express myself. It allows me to follow my dream to become a journalist” Hiba

“When I hold up the camera up to take a picture of someone I see things through the lens that can’t be seen with the naked eye” Samar

Click here to see inside Zaatari through the eyes of those who live there.

Painting for PEACE

From seeing these creative initiatives that are taking place within the camp I feel that my own Future Learning Space has been impacted. This type of activity is proving to be a successful boost for children who are in the camp and provide a way for them to express themselves and continue to find the beauty around them which I find to be commendable!

My Future Learning Space

Vision Statement 

That the displaced refugee children in Zaatari are given the best chance for a better future through access to education and supportive environments.

Mission Statement 

My mission is to provide a dynamic and unique learning space that caters for the diverse needs of the thousands of displaced children within Zaatari. The focus will be on ensuring there is a sufficient amount of usable and reliable resources for a range of age levels including access to technology. This Future Learning Space aims at providing the same opportunities while creating a safe and nurturing environment for all children.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 8.33.15 pm

The Struggles of Education in Zaatari

What is a better way of understanding the struggles of education in Zaatari than the children who are there? The video below gives an insight to the constant difficulties and wishes that the youth are thinking

What are the issues surrounding education? 

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 7.32.31 pm

 How can my Future Learning Space address these concerns? It is clear that while there are numerous issues with education in the camp, the majority of children want to get a proper education and have hopes for their future.

“We’re not being educated, and without education there is nothing” 14 year old Nadia

Planning For the Future

When thinking about what I want my FLS to be I decided to create a mind map. My FLS isn’t about ‘saving’ these children because I don’t think they need saving rather providing them with opportunities that they should have. Already four years into the conflict with no end in sight – children should not be left in this liminal space waiting for the end. We should be giving them every chance to reverse the damage and take control of their future!


This is just a planning stage for my future learning space but it helped to put my mind on a path to what I would like it to be.